Nancy Hernandez

Business Consultant and thought leader

Questions & Answers

What is the secret to your success?
The secret of leadership is knowing yourself and your tendencies, enabling you to lead yourself first. Once you become competent in leading yourself, the secret to leading others lies in understanding when to alternately support and challenge them with consistency.

My company, Thought Leaders Worldwide makes more leaders productive by helping them eliminate drama and by training them how to create a system where their people are leading themselves and building a culture of leadership throughout 90% of the organization. The more I am with leaders the more I realize that people are decidedly driven by the tasks in their world rather than driving them.

Ever since I was in college, I knew I wanted to be a strong role model for women in the workplace. I aspire to create a company that is not only successful, but can speak to people on different levels.

If you are looking for an engaging, fun and experienced speaker for your next event, please don't hesitate to contact me.
What is your main goal?
My main goal is to be known as a thought leader worth following. I aspire to inspire others and to transform leadership by building leaders worth following by encouraging, equipping and empowering them with proven transferable tools.
What inspired you to become a thought leader?
It is my duty to guide fellow thought leaders to know themselves so they can lead themselves more effectively. All of my speaking and writing and starting companies is designed to help people live at a higher level – to have a better mindset.
How do you work?
I help to create dedicated, hard-working teams who perform at their capacity, and who know how to multiply and enable sustainable growth. My work approach is focused on helping people know what it feels like to be on the other side of their leadership, and experience leadership behavior change and, ultimately, success in the workplace and for the benefit of their team and their entire company.
What is your book, Make Your Leadership Come Alive about?
My book is a step by step professional development program designed to help your leaders understand how to maximize their influence. Through humor and real-life stories, the thought leaders will be inspired and challenged to become intentional in their area of study as they focus on becoming alive again.
What areas do you focus on?
  • How to Become a Successful Thought Leader
  • How to Build the Highest Performing Teams
  • How to Raise Funding for Companies
  • How to Become More Productive
  • How to Guide a Dedicated Team of People